When I don't know what to do with something or where to put it, then most likely, it will end up here - the wonderful pit of the unknown called Odds and Ends.

"Cluelessness - There are no stupid questions, but there are A LOT of inquisitive idiots " - Despair, Inc.


Since so much happened at Dragon*Con, I decided to write up the events in a seperate section for those who were interested... and to prevent a sore throat from repeating the story over and over. Click on the link below...


Okay... So a lot of people wonder how I create my artwork. I don't think there are any hard and fast answers on how to make art. If there were, more people would be doing art successfully - me included. I'm still learning and still struggling and I've been doing this for a long time. Once you stop learning and struggling, chances are, your artwork (well, almost anything, writing, performance etc..) will become boring and stale.

To check out the creation process of one of my pieces, click on the link below to see how I work.. Or at least, how I worked on one illustration.