The following are links to sites that I like or that I think you might like.

Phantasy Swords - A beautifully crafted site with equally beautifully crafted swords. Check out this digital forge of mighty weaponry!

Mushroom Circle Games - Mushroom Circle Games Inc's site. Here is where you can find out more about the cards I designed and the other card games that the company will be coming out with. And you can even purchase a set of cards online! And soon to come - Aftermath!

Despair, Inc. - Looking for a great way to demotivate your office? Unleash the power of mediocrity with demotivational posters for you and your coworkers!

Camp Steve - A lovely site to visit any time of year! Go take a trip to Camp Steve and see beautiful landscapes and wonderful artwork by Steve Lowtwait - Not only your Camp Director, or just a great artist but a good friend of mine in Colorado. Don't forget your marshmellows! (just don't let them melt on the keyboard)

Shadow Phoenix Studios - "The domain of an odd couple that likes to write, draw, photograph, and destroy our enemies with the fire that burns from our eyes. ...Er... Okay, maybe not that last bit." Check out this site of work by Janeen Satone and Eric Johnson... Be amused... be amazed... be afraid...

Cougar's Creations - Dale Armstrong is an award winning Lapidary, Wire-Artist and all around generous and nice person. Check out her beautiful jewelry and perhaps get some for yourself.

Vacant - Vanessa Satone is an aspiring freelance artist and illustrator who sometimes wears leather. Take a romp through her site and check out her wide range of work

Utilikilts - Perfect for every occassion... except bunjee jumping. More and more men are finding they enjoy and love the freedom utilikilts can bring. Find one for yourself or someone you love. (I am finding more and more men are wearing them!)