Born in Haifa, Israel, Georgia moved back and forth between there and the United States before her parents finally settled the family in New Jersey. During her early years, the only English on television in Israel was from the broadcasts of the BBC, which aired not only culturally stimulating viewing, but also Monty Python's Flying Circus. Perhaps this has lead to her strange and odd sense of humor.

To achieve her dream of becoming a "starving artist", Georgia decided to accumulate a lot of debt by attending art school. She spent a year at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and then transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she received her B.A.

During college she found a renewed interest in comic books and discovered the bizarre world of Japanese Animation. It was also during this time that she began attending conventions like Otakon, Eclecticon, Neko-Con, Katsucon and Dragon*Con and will continue to do so as long as time and money permit.

In 1998 she began work at an advertising agency where she was Head of the Production Department and learned to work with Adobe After Effects, Avid Editing equipment and ProTools. While there, she wrote and edited scripts, drew storyboards, directed commercial shoots and recording sessions, edited film and radio commercials and just about anything else that needed doing (even providing her cat in an allergy suppressant commercial).

In 2000, she left the agency to pursue her dreams in the open market and become a freelance illustrator. She has been hired by Hotbread Multimedia to not only do book illustrations, but to also design a cd rom instructional game for children in the villages of Alaska to learn about good eating habits.

On January 25th of 2001, Mushroom Circle Games Inc. put out their new card game Faerie Haven, containing 14 cards designed by Georgia. In fall of 2002, she was hired by White Wolf Publishing to do 5 black and white illustrations for theDark Ages Book, "Rite of Princes" which was released in 2003. Most recently, she was awarded "Best Amazon" and "Best Warrior" at the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show.

In 2005 she had her first gallery opening at a local venue featuring her "Animal Spirits" show. The pieces were based on the idea of the human/animal spirits and gods we as people used to worship and fear. It was a very well received show and even lead to the sale of one of the originals.

Georgia lives in Pennsylvania with her dog Loki-Poky-Laughs-Too-Much (Loki for short). When not actively seeking employment in the field of art, she is trying to improve her writing and drawing skills, or attempting to transform the jungle of her life into a garden of something recognizable.